Best Valentine’s Day gift baskets 2022: 38 ideas for him, her and kids (2024)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so if you haven’t figured out what you’re going to gift your partner, family member or BFF, this is the time to jump on it!

Whether you decide to go with a statement present like a luxury gift, a sexy piece of lingerie, a customizable Yeti cup or another idea from our massive 100 product V-Day gift guide — we’re sure your Valentine will love it.

Another great option? A gift basket filled with things you know they’ll adore! While gift baskets get a bad rep for not being very thoughtful, we can’t think of many better gifts for your special someone than a package delivered right to their doorstep, jam-packed with chocolate, cheese, fruit and alcohol (if you’re 21+ of course).

Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, child, friend or any other special person in your life, there’s an option for everyone on our list.

To shop this guide by category, simply click on each link below:

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Best Valentine’s Day Food & Dessert Gift Baskets

1. Harry & David Supreme Meat and Cheese Gift Box, $70+

For the Valentine that loves meat, consider sending them this Harry & David gift box that comes with plenty of delicious meats, cheeses, and crackers, plus the ideal condiments to round them out.

2. Proflowers Heart You Gourmet Charcuterie Gift Set, $48

If you’re shopping for a charcuterie board lover, nothing says “I love you” like this gift basket filled with salami, chocolate, tasty crackers and cheese. Plus, it comes with an adorable heart-shaped cutting board!

3. Baked by Melissa Valentine’s Day Love Cupcake Gift Box, $40

Who doesn’t love mini cupcakes? Baked by Melissa’s Valentine’s Day “LOVE” box features six different flavors: marshmallow, dark chocolate, dulce de leche, milk chocolate, strawberry and triple cookies & cream.

4. Godiva Valentine’s Day Fabric Heart Chocolate Gift Box, $100

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a luxurious box of Godiva chocolates.

5. Rich & Delicious Heart-Shaped Brownie Cakes, $30+

If your loved one has a sweet spot for brownies, bring their favorite dessert to the next level with these bite-size, heart-shaped goodies.

6. Wolferman’s Bakery Valentine’s Day Gift Crate, $50

Make Valentine’s Day extra special by sending a cheery gift crate brimming with heartwarming baked goods like buttery heart-shaped cutout shortbread cookies, a chocolate swirl loaf cake, cherry blossom super-thick English muffins, a dark chocolate chunk scone, strawberry preserves, and more.

7. Shari’s Berries Gourmet Dipped Valentine’s Strawberries, $40+

These decadent chocolate covered strawberries are sure to make an impression this Valentine’s Day. If you won’t to go the extra mile, consider sending these strawberries and a bouquet of red roses!

8. Donuts & Coffee Lovers Gift Pack, $75

Best Valentine’s Day gift baskets 2022: 38 ideas for him, her and kids (8)

This donut and coffee set from Stan’s Donuts is another great option. It comes with six assorted gourmet donuts, a bag of coffee and one ceramic mug — delivered in a light pink box.

9. Decadent Happy Valentine’s Day Truffle Cake Pops, $30+

Woo the one you love with these rich, dark and moist chocolate truffle cake pops that are decorated with pink and red icing and festive sprinkles.

10. Hickory Farms Hot Stuff Summer Sausage & Cheese Gift Box, $48

This Hickory Farms gift box features tasty cheese, meat and sauces to create the perfect charcuterie spread on the annual day of love.

11. Valentine’s Day Deluxe Artisanal Pretzel Gift Box, $50

Calling all pretzel lovers! This Eastern Standard Provisions gift box includes artisan soft pretzels and comes with festive pink sprinkles and salt.

12. Valentine’s Day Gourmet Pretzel Rods, $33

These chocolate covered pretzel rods are another great option if you want to gift them something a bit sweeter.

13. Eli Zabar New York Deli Experience, $160

Send them a box filled of goodies from one of NYC’s most iconic deli’s — Zabar’s.

14. Valentine’s Enticing Fruit & Sweets Gift Box, $45

For the Valentine who likes a healthy balance of fruit and chocolate, consider getting them this gift basket from that comes with pears, oranges, apples, chocolate and more.

15. Williams Sonoma Best of Italy Gift Basket, $100

Best Valentine’s Day gift baskets 2022: 38 ideas for him, her and kids (15)

If they’re Italian or just appreciate European cuisines, consider buying them this “Best of Italy” gift basket made by Williams Sonoma. It features a plethora of various pasta, Sicilian olive oil, cheese, sausage and canned tomatoes.

16. Food52 Tame to Insane Hot Sauce Challenge Box, $135

This gift box is made for hot sauce lovers! It’s filled with options that add just a kick of flavor to your meal and then there are concoctions that have you reaching for a glass of milk faster than you can say “pepper.”

17. The Milk Bar Sampler, $55

Whether you’re shopping for a kiddo, partner or BFF, they’ll all love this Milk Bar sampler that comes with cookies, truffle balls and even a slice of pie.

Best Valentine’s Day Family Friendly Gift Baskets

1. Dylan’s Candy Bar Valentine Variety Tackle Box, $28

This candy assortment from Dylan’s Candy Bar is filled with Valentine’s Day hard candy, chocolates and a gummy mix that is 100% kid-approved.

2. Cheryl’s Cookies Valentine Gift Tin, $35

If you’re looking for a fun, festive and family-friendly gift to send to loved ones but don’t want to break the bank, this Valentine’s Day tin from Cheryl’s Cookies is a great option.

3. Sugarwish Personalized Gift Box, $22+

A personalized gift basket filled with goodies both adults and kids will love? We’re in!

4. The Popcorn Factory Love Lifts Us Up Popcorn Tins, $43+

The kids are sure to be excited after receiving this fun and colorful tin from The Popcorn Factory. It comes with three or four different popcorn flavors, depending on the gallon size you choose.

5. Hickory Farms Valentine’s Day Cupcake 4-Pack, $46

While we didn’t think cupcakes could get anymore fun, eating them out of a jar certainly will up to the happiness scale for kids and adults! Each jar contains the equivalent of two regular-sized cupcakes.

6. Cookie Fries Gift Basket, $82

Cookie Fries takes a typical shortbread cookie to a whole new level with its crinkle-cut French fry shape. They’re yummy and fun to eat for all ages!

7. Valentine’s Day Gift Basket For Kids, $40

Spoil the kiddo in your life with this epic Valentine’s Day box that comes with a wide variety of candy, chocolate and popcorn.

8. Baked by Melissa All My Valentine’s Mini 6-Pack, $34 for bundle of 4

While you can certainly opt for the full-size Baked by Melissa V-day pack, these mini six packs are great for families with more than one child, since each little one can have their own selection.

9. Kids Made Modern Design Your Own Valentines Gift, $25

Send over this fun DIY Valentine kit so the kids can show their love to any and all friends and family.

10. Proflowers Sweet Cheeks Belgian Chocolate-Covered Oreos, $38

If your little one is constantly asking you for the Oreos you hide on the top shelf, consider surprising them with this fun and festive, chocolate covered version of their favorite cookie.

11. Design It Yourself Gift Baskets Magical Valentines Day Gift, $93

Little unicorn lovers will adore this gift basket that comes with a mystical plush, face masks, candy, a coloring book and more.

12. Chewy Goody Box Valentine’s Cat Toys & Treats, $25, original price: $35

Pets are part of the family, too! This Chew Goodby Box comes jam packed with a variety of treats and toys for cats and kittens. There’s also a box for dogs.

Best Valentine’s Day Wine & Alcohol Gift Baskets

1. Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket, $100+

Best Valentine’s Day gift baskets 2022: 38 ideas for him, her and kids (30)

If they’re a fan of champagne, consider sending them this gift basket that includes three bottles of bubbly, chocolate and truffles.

2. Beers Of The World Gift Pack, $100

For the beer lover, consider getting them this “Beers around the World” gift pack that allows them to try different brews from around the globe.

3. Usual Wines Valentine’s Day Set, $96

If they like to drink a glass of wine (and nothing more), gifting them Usual Wines’ Valentine’s Day 12-pack is a great option as their bottles come with just one serving of their desired wine.

4. In Good Taste Rosé Sampler, $29

In Good Taste’s rosé sampler is another fun option. Not only are their bottles oh-so-Instagram-worthy but they taste good, too!

Best Valentine’s Day Unique Gift Baskets

1. Venus Et Fleur Le Mini Heart Bundle, $159

Venus et Fleur’s Valentine’s Day heart bundle comes with six eternity rose heart-shaped arrangements that will last for a year or longer! Choose from five different rose shades.

2. Proflowers Valentine’s Day Donut Bouquet, $55

If your Valentine loves flowers but you want to go a bit outside of the box this year, consider this adorable bouquet that’s filled with yummy donuts.

3. Honest Mama’s Nourishing Ritual Gift Set, $51

This Honest gift set is for the mama who needs a moment to breathe. It comes with shampoo, condition, bubble bath, body lotion and hair detangler spray.

4. UncommonGoods Redwood Succulent Heart Kit, $59

While not technically a gift basket or bag, any plant lover will love succulent heart kit for Valentine’s Day.

5. UrbanStems The Pink Champagne Bouquet, $68 (vase not included)

While flowers are also not a gift basket, these can be delivered right to their door, so the same convenience is there and who doesn’t love receiving a bouquet on V-Day?

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Best Valentine’s Day gift baskets 2022: 38 ideas for him, her and kids (2024)
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