Shaved Brussels Sprouts With Pecorino and Walnuts Recipe (2024)

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A delicious salad. For a spectacular salad: use 1 cup walnuts, toasted and chopped; grated pecorino Romano, 3 tablespoons olive oil and 3 tablespoons lemon juice.

The mandoline takes time but food processor makes hash of the sprouts.


If your mandoline has a handguard with four prongs on it, I recommend popping a (similarly shaped) brussel sprout on each prong and then going to town with four at a time. I swap the direction of the handguard halfway through to get more of an even cut.


A bit bland. Could use a splash of lemon to brighten it up. I cut the walnut halves in two to spread the taste in the salad. Finely shredded green onion would be a nice addition.


I've made this delicious salad many times and many ways. Last night the addition of radicchio made a colorful side dish for duck risotto. If only cooking for one or two I just use a very sharp knife to slice the sprouts to save clean up.


From Comments:
For a spectacular salad: use 1 cup walnuts, toasted and chopped; grated pecorino Romano, 3 tablespoons olive oil and 3 tablespoons lemon juice. The mandoline takes time but food processor makes hash of the sprouts.
I cut the walnut halves in two to spread the taste in the salad. Finely shredded green onion would be a nice addition.


Trader Joe's actually sells shaved brussels sprouts in the refrigerator section which makes this recipe even better. LOVED it!!


It keeps well in the fridge--at least a couple of days.


I forgot to buy pecorino, so used an aged goat-milk cheddar with cumin and it was excellent. I agree with other users' advice to chop down the nuts and use lemon, also. The mandoline seems to be the easiest of the three options, but still is far from ideal (lots of mis-cut leaves leftover to use for other recipes).


How can something so simple taste so good? A brussel sprout disliker liked it! It's very easy. Choose big brussel sprouts as they are easier to shred on the mandolin. I find no need to change a thing in this recipe.


I followed the recommendations of a few commenters and agree that it really needed more olive oil and the lemon juice. It was a very good salad (I might add a bit more pecorino in future preparation). However, the next day, for leftovers, we mixed it with leftover chicken breast that had been smoked with applewood chips. What an amazing combination. I highly recommend the addition of chicken, smoked or not!


I cooked up some bacon,then a quick saute of the sprouts. Top as above and add the bacon bits. Use as much or as little bacon and eliminate the olive oil.

Josh - One Happy Texan

I’ve been making this for years, but a couple quick points. Bigger Brussels sprouts tend to be more bitter in my opinion, look for smaller if you can. I also julienne some sort of sweet apple into the salad. Helps counter act any bitterness from the sprouts, and finally, yes, please add acid. Apple cider or lemon work just fine if you splash a little in.

Isabel Roubidoux

Excellent. Toss with a handful of shredded rotisserie chicken breast and serve with Sofie Belgian Saison from Goose Island Beer Company and lunch is sublime. I used 1 T. Olive oil; 1 T Walnut oil.


How would anyone find the taste of Brussels sprouts bland? It's an assertive flavor, as are walnuts, especially if you bother to toast them.

Stourley Kracklite

Went with the food processor sans mandoline blade. (Whatever.) Added lemon zest, tbsp lemon juice, scallions and black pepper. Used chopped almonds in lieu of walnuts. It's a keeper.


Solid dish! Like other reviewers noted, I needed a bit more acid. I added some lemon juice and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.


This recipe was really good. Used Parmesan instead of Pecorino Romano (which I didn’t have), and it was delicious! Will try with Pecorino Romano next time.


Also add more cheese


Following Sam Siftons guidance for spontaneity, I adopted this to what I had on Thanksgiving morning. Brussels sprouts which I used a mandolin with care, pistachio nuts (no walnuts in house) and Parmesan slices which I crumbled by hand. Salt and pepper. Olive oil which I massage in to the Brussels. Excellent. Everyone was surprised as to how tasty it was.


This was breakfast the morning after a gluttonous Thanksgiving Day. I subbed toasted pecans for the walnuts, used a bag of TJ’s shaved Brussels and added lemon juice. Flavors are good tomorrow, but I think tomorrow will be better. For those of you who are battling a mandolin, use the slicer wheel in your food processor!


I have used a mandoline and the cousinart with a sliding blade with no pressure applied. I've found the cuisinart to be satisfactory and a lot easier and faster.


It was great, but needed something. Added dried cherries an roasted sweet potato, and it was perfect!

Rona Maynard

This simple slaw depends on two things: the sprouts themselves and the olive oil. With good sprouts and your best olive oil, you can omit the nuts and pecorino and it will still be satisfying. The recipe as written is a winner but with some meals you want a stripped-down side.


I have used a mandoline but now use the slicer blade on the food processor. I don't press the sprouts in the feed tube, just let them feed by gravity. It makes the whole process so much easier, and the results are comparable.


Made recipe exactly as written. We ate all of it, immediately, and had demands for more. Ended up making it twice in three days!

Cook from NJ

How much brussel sprouts by weight?


I used lemon juice and black pepper.


I made this salad for our Thanksgiving table, and it was a huge hit that made for great leftovers. Like other reviewers, we added a generous amount of fresh lemon juice, which really helped annunciate the other flavors. And I do not like that strange bitterness of raw walnuts, so I lightly toasted the walnut halves and then chopped them before mixing in.

Caity P

Finished with a squeeze of lemon which made a WORLD of a difference!


Mandoline is necessary here. I added juice of a lemon an orange to the pile to make dressing. Replaced walnuts with 1 cup almonds chopped finely (it’s what I had) and threw in some leftover bacon. Brussel sprout nirvana for the entire family!

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Shaved Brussels Sprouts With Pecorino and Walnuts Recipe (2024)
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